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What is Alexa Rank and Why is it Important for your Website?

Many bloggers try very hard to improve the Alexa Rank of their website, surprisingly without knowing the reason why it is needed! It is first essential to know the need of Alexa Rank and what actually it is, before trying it to improve it. So, let’s know what Alexa Rank is and why it is so important for your website.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is the rank given to your website, depending on the performance of your website. In simple words, Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. The low the Alexa Rank, the more the value of the website! It ranks millions of websites in order of popularity. So, needless to say, you should try for the least Alexa rank for your website!

Alexa rank is calculated using a methodology that combines a website’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement over the past three months. Traffic and engagement are estimated from the browsing behavior of people globally.

There is a criticism that Alexa favors the one who installs its web extension and so web developers and digital marketing experts will install it. But, it must not be neglected that even without the extension, there are websites that have a good Alexa Rank!

Alexa also uses online shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs and more data to rank your website and also collect data from 3rd party software.

Why Alexa Rank is important for your Website?

In the world of blogging, Alexa Rank has gained a lot of prominence and so no blogger who wants to be on top will neglect it! There are reasons why it has gained huge popularity and why it is important. Let’s know them now!

Website Popularity

Alexa Rank serves as one of the valuable metrics to decide your website’s popularity. It works as a comparative tool as it compares your website with competitor websites in terms of traffic and popularity. Alexa Rank is said to be good, if your website is ranked among top 50000 websites.

Attracts Buyers

It is a business, selling the website after it getting a good Alexa Rank as buyers prefer to get it at any cost! If your website appears with the better Alexa Rank, buyer will have no second thought before buying your site for lakhs or even crores, depending on the rank. It also helps to estimate your website’s monetary worth.

Increases DA & PA

The websites which has a better Alexa Rank will be indexed by Google bots regularly, which makes search engine optimization easier, thus increasing DA and PA. Needless to say that Domain and Page authorities are very important to measure the worth of website pages.

Better Competitor Analysis

Alexa Rank tells you how a website is doing relative to all other sites, which helps in better competitive analysis. When you know your competitor, it becomes very easy to outperform them. Who doesn’t want to win over their competitors!

So, why late! Start building up a better Alexa Rank and make your website worthy that everyone wants to stare up on!

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