Quick way to Increase Alexa Rank

Relevance of Alexa Ranking System

Amazon which provides data traffic reports found Alexa. It is a tool used for ranking the traffic of the websites as per the algorithm. Alexa Ranking Services can be best described as a parameter which ranks the websites in descending order of their popularity.

It is a ranking system that has global access to analyze the traffic of web data. It forms a list of most popularly visited websites depending on the usage.

Its way of functioning is if the website is more popular, then its ranking will be low. The ranking that Alexa considers is a collective aggregate of the traffic data of the past three months.

It maintains a proper frequency of the visitors on a particular site. Alexa simply follows a ranking algorithm where the traffic is continuously recorded after every single visit on that particular website.

Alexa ranking is measured under two parameters, Page View and Reach. A page view is a count in which an individual user visits the same user number of times in a day. Reach is a count of Alexa users who visit one particular site in a single day.

Alexa Ranking Services is calculated by figuring out the geometric mean of page views and reach for a particular period which is three months.

How to improve your Alexa Ranking?

The first method to improve your ranking is to buy Alexa traffic which is a paid service by many providers over the internet. It improves your web traffic by giving you real visitors who use Alexa toolbar and eventually boosts your ranking.

The most important method to improve the ranking is to use good quality contents for the website as it is the heart of any website.

If the content is not copied from similar sites and is unique, then it definitely will boost the ranking of the search engine and will result in improving the Alexa ranking as well.

Alexa Ranking can also be boosted by using the Alexa Tool Bar. It keeps a constant check on the traffic and ranking of a particular website.

The central server receives the data on every single visit on a particular website. One of the most important remedies of boosting the Alexa Ranking is using of Rank Widget tool provided by Alexa.

Using this tool, the ranking will eventually boost because every click of this widget is counted and it results in boosting up your rank. Promoting the website on social media can be of great asset to improve the Alexa Ranking.

Social media attracts several visitors to your website which will eventually increase the Alexa web traffic thus improves the ranking.

Some particular things to be kept in mind for improving the rank is proper keywords need to be used in all the titles of a web page, in the description and domain name. This will make your website stand out in search engine rankings.

Benefits of Ranking Search by Alexa

It is a tool which helps the users to maintain the competitiveness intact. You need to go through the tool regularly to keep track of the ranking of your competitor’s website.

It is good if you have a lower ranking than your competitor else you have to work upon your website to boost the traffic. The ranking tool also helps in Search Engine Optimization.

Using Alexa web ranking, you can count the real traffic on your website. After Alexa’s Certify codes are installed on your site, it will begin to report and measure the traffic on your site.

Installing the code is necessary because if the code is not available then traffic, data will not be measured. You can obtain accurate analyzed reports for your website.

You can monitor the overall performance of your website. This will help you to identify the reason if your site experiences a drastic fall in several traffic count. You can work upon fixing the website or make minor changes to make your website compete.

It is very general to publish the statistics of your website trend and the audience size you carry on your website.

This will attract genuine business investors, advertisers, and partners. These metrics can be kept public on your site. There is also an option provided for keeping your metrics private.

Alexa Ranking also helps to advertise your website which gradually manages the Alexa web traffic on your website. This not only helps the website but also helps individual blogs and web pages.

Cons of Ranking Search by Alexa

The problem faced is that not everyone keeps the Alexa toolbar installed for long on their system. Due to which Alexa is unable to rank the websites with more number of traffic.

Hence it is termed as inaccurate. The subdomains are improperly ranked, and the top level domain receives the overall traffic. The SEO factors are not considered for the ranking to be determined.

The sites that consist of HTTPS extensively are not represented properly. All the collection of data with Alexa are anonymous. Hence it is not possible for Alexa to normalize the stored data for the demographics of the web.

Alexa data will work possibly if the site is for service and it should not be compared with informational sites.

The informational sites are not visited frequently for entertainment; that is the reason it does not carry constant traffic, but the entertainment websites do carry a lot amount of traffic.

Therefore, it tops the traffic count all the time. For the smooth and accurate execution of Alexa Ranking System, some methods can be implemented.

The visit time can be added to the metric to know the minutes spent by the user on a particular website. Alexa could give some more adequate information on ISP traffic by being in partner with one or more ISP’.

Some distribution deals can be done on the Alexa toolbar to increase the adoption of the toolbar.

With all the pros and cons of Alexa web Ranking System, It is proved to be very useful for the sites with good traffic.

If the monetization strategy of the website is considered, then we can find Alexa Ranking as a perfect solution.